May 27, 2013

Project List

In early spring, Hubby and I write down our project list which we hope to get done before the heaviest harvest occurs.  Since I am a visual person, the satisfaction of drawing a line through a finished item on the project list makes me happy.  Oh, did I mention we have a little whiteboard attached to the front of our refrigerator which is what we write the list on?

The weather hasn't really cooperated for the outdoor projects, but I am determined to get most if not all of the project list done before the middle of July.  Eeek.  I just realized what today is!  A sample of our project list is:

Paint front porch
Paint back porch
Put up a greenhouse for year round use
Make "leatherish" slipcovers for our RV furniture (I don't like cloth)
Redsign guest bedroom
Re-Roof 2 outbuildings

And the list goes on.

At least there is one thing done.  Yippee.  And we are working on getting the others crossed out, too.  The one rule we do have is that we can't add anything else to the list once we have created it. 

Have a great weekend!

April 21, 2013

Looking Forward

Double Rainbow in Village of Marblemount, USA
Songhurst Farm
Looking out the window as I type, I watch the rain come down as it has been for the last two weeks.  But this is one of our rainiest months, so I don't mind too much.  Next week it will be sunny and warm which seem to make up for all the days of rain.

I have my temporary greenhouse up and shelves full of all kinds of vegetables.  It is too cold to put them in the garden which has been prepared and waiting.  Maybe next weekend.  This is the first year I have tried Bok Choy and Artichoke and they have exceeded what I expected of them.  Though they are in the greenhouse, both vegetables seem very hardy and robust.  I have transplanted all the seedlings three times.  Well, I can't call them seedlings anymore.  They are plants ready for the garden.

Even though watermelon won't grow here, I still try.  So I have one plant started and will try to baby it along this summer.  Maybe one year I will get a watermelon and then be satisfied.  Sure, I can buy them in the grocery store, but there is satisfaction in doing what seems the impossible.

I hope your week goes well.  Try something new. 

~SMS, Songhurst Farm

January 26, 2013

Foster Parents for GSD

King - Foster Dog
We have taken the leap to become foster "parents" to German Shepherds in need of a temporary home.  This in addition to having our own little pack of German Shepherd dogs.  Northwest German Shepherd Rescue (NWGSR) is the organization we foster through.  Currently, we are fostering, King.  He is a beautiful black GSD with Belgian Shepherd lines.  A puppy at 70 pounds, he is about 11 or 12 months old. 

The goal is to find permanent homes for each foster dog, and when they do find a "forever" home, it helps when we have to let them go with their new parents.  However, they leave a little void when they are gone.  But we know it is worth it to see them go to a good home. 

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